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About US and Best Friends Animal Society

Our Mission - If you choose to accept it!

To help care for, rescue and feed dogs in need, while also showing the love for our own doggies!

Hello and welcome!

My name is Brian Jarvis, and I am owner and founder of the Downtown Doodle Store. I want to welcome you to our site personally. I also want you to know that I am a dog owner and have owned dogs my entire life!  Now, I am not going to get into how long ago that has been, but I remember when we didn't wear seatbelts, never wore a helmet when riding and yes, polyester suits were all the rage. I currently have two dogs, Tony and Trip (and is he ever) both Doodles and they are the inspiration behind our site.

The Downtown Doodle Store was created out of the love of our furry friends!  It  all started from a Facebook group (IHeartDoodles) that I created for the love of my own dogs, as I mentioned, I have two Doodle puppies.  Actually, they are well into 10 years plus... I just always imagine them as puppies.  I guess that we all do.  I first created IHeartDoodles (a group in Facebook) as a place that Doodle lovers could share videos, pictures, stories and tips about their fur babies.  One thing led to the next and to make a long story short, we were blessed with Doodle owners in the group who were absolute dog lovers as well. 

You know, as things go, I was so inspired by the group, we would have giveaways and contests for all kinds of cool things.  We decided to see if we could create our own 'logo brand' for Doodles and had a contest to see which one the group liked... well, there was so much attention for the two Doodle logos that we created... we decided to use them both.  Then came the conversation in the FB group about creating car decals... and of course... the requests for clothing and accessories soon followed!

We are so grateful and humbled by all of the support that we have received so far! What started off as just a group and a place to chat and share... had quickly become a vibrant community of like minded Doodle (owners) that showed that they cared about all kinds of things!  We asked ourselves and the group... "If we came up with a way to combined our logos with clothing and accessories together with a social impact through helping other doggies, would anybody be interested?

The resounding input was Yes!  Then we had to do some soul searching about how much time we would want to spend trying to learn all of the things we would need to, to make it all work and at least look somewhat like we knew what we were doing! 

So, we just went ahead and did it! We also decided to make it a formal way of doing things and added one specific mission!  We had so many people asking about where to get the logos and decals and shirts and bowls, etc. that we created a website shop... but most importantly, we were going to turn it into a place to help dogs in need as well.  We donated the exclusive logos and decided to keep the costs as low as possible while even keeping a very low shipping cost... but, most importantly decided that a portion of every sale would go to helping rescue or feed dogs! 

The last thing to consider was who we wanted to partner with on a nationwide scale to make sure that we were doing it right...

Enter Best Friends Animal Society ... After spending countless hours researching and trying to figure out where the best place to start to help would be... this group does such great work, it seemed like a natural fit for what we wanted to do.

You can learn all about the amazing things that they do at 

We are so proud to be a small part of their efforts to feed and rescue dogs ... and with your help, look forward to providing assistance for many years to come!

We heart you for all of your support!